Monday, September 7

Brownies and Baby Names

Well, Saturday night two exciting things happened.  

First, we finalized our list of baby names.  We are down to four, with two that are more likely. The ones that didn't quite make the list, but got serious consideration were Gavin, Cullan, and Seamus.  The ones we decided pretty quickly wouldn't be on the list were Obama Biden, Harvard, Oxford (we actually like the sound of both of these, but decided it would give the child a complex far to early in life), Andrew Scott (we are living in St. Andrews, Scotland - this might have been overkill) and Ceannaideach (which is gaelic, but means ugly headed and can you imagine teaching a child to spell that?)

Second, I made a second batch of these brownies, confirming that I've finally found them!  I've been looking for a brownie recipe for the past five years that is as good as a brownie mix.  We try not to buy mixes of any kind, but I've just not been successful at making fudgey, yummy warm or cold, not to cakey brownies that have a nice crust.  It hasn't been for lack of trying either.  I'm quite particular about my brownies (there were only two kinds of mixes that would do).  But we will buy mixes no longer!  They aren't hard to make and I have no idea how they are different from the dozens of other brownie recipies I've tried, but they are and they are so yummy.

If you follow the link above you will find the recipe.  And the first time I made them they stuck to the parchment paper, so I made them with out parchment the second time and they popped right out of the pan.

Yes, there is a brownie under those strawberries and unsweetened cream.  A wonderful Sunday nap time (Jonah's nap) treat.  Just as good on day two!

Now I just have to hold myself back from making and eating too many brownies!

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