Sunday, August 23

Saturday at the Zoo

Our hope was to go to the full Paris zoo on Saturday morning.  We got up, hopped on the metro and went to the edge of the city only to find that the zoo is closed for four years (yes - Jonah will be 7 when it reopens!) for renovations.  So we hoped back on the metro and headed up to Jardin des Plantes, which has a menagerie and is housing the monkeys and panthers from the main zoo while the renovations are happening.  

It was a great zoo - not to big, but certainly big enough.

Jonah loved it and ran from exhibit to exhibit, eager to see everything.
Jonah was able to feed the goats.  We enjoyed seeing the monkeys play and hearing the anoa grunt like a pig.  I enjoyed seeing porcupines for the first time.  That night at apartment dinner Jonah was telling our flat mates about the day and said "We even got to see a yak - and you don't see those very often!"

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