Friday, August 21

Pregnancy update on our active little brother

Well, I thought Jonah was an active baby when I was pregnant with him... but I had no idea!  This little guy thumps until it hurts at times.  Jim doesn't even flinch when I scream out while reading in the evening anymore.  I've heard of babies breaking ribs before and now I believe it.  My whole stomach shifts and moves so that someone across the room will note it.  

I suppose I can be thankful that he must be strong and healthy.  And an added bonus is that Jonah can feel him move and has many times.  Sometimes he'll come up, put his hand on my belly and wait.  Other times he is sitting on my lap when we are reading and will get a good thump on the back.  He thinks this is hilarious and is convinced little brother is saying 'hi' to him.  

Anyway, all is well with the little guy and I'm feeling good (though I am a bit tired at times and have to pace my Paris adventures - especially the couple days it has been in the 90s).  5 1/2 more weeks to go till the due date (oct. 3).

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Lynn said...

Emily - I had to laugh at this post, remember the difference between my pregnancies with Nathan and Annabeth. Nathan was most active, by far. I can remember his rolling and kicking; quite evident to those around me.