Saturday, August 15

Jardin Luxembourg: take 2... and there's still more to go back and do.

Jonah and I took the metro down to 6e with Jim.  So while he was at school we went to St. Sulpice, a toy shop and played in the kiddie pools and sand at the Luxembourg gardens.

It was the best set up - two huge sand boxes with a kiddie pool in the middle (and there are two sets of these in a little fenced of area of the park).
I forgot to bring Jonah an extra set of clothes and quickly realized that a three year old with all that water and sand will be a giant wet sand ball in a few minutes... so we opted for a diaper only look.
I made Jonah sand toys from an ice cream container and a couple cut up Perrier bottles (I'm slightly obsessive about sparkling water currently and am blaming it on the pregnancy).  Jonah quickly befriended some french children who were there (they seem to have little or no issue with language barriers) and they all discarded their fancy pails and toys in favor of our little funnel and spade cut from a green plastic bottle.

And then, when Daddy finished class we had a picnic lunch and the boys rented a sailing boat for on the fountain.  This was so much fun and I loved watching Jonah and Jim race around the fountain (okay, so Jonah was racing and Jim was strolling) to pole the boat back over to the other side again.

I think they have planned to do this again next week and Jonah asked very sweetly if we could do a donkey ride at the park next time... so we'll keep you updated with part 3.

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