Saturday, August 29

Goodbye Paris

     - that's what Jonah has to say about it!

Anyway, we just had a last breakfast of fresh French pastries.  I'm certainly going to miss the yummy bakery two blocks away, but for our overall health it is a good thing we are leaving.  

Mum and Dad can't wait to get home (especially to get the walk, RER train ride, Airplane, Bus, Taxi... finished).  Jonah is a little more unsure.  He's loved Paris and considering he's spent twice as long here as he did at our new home he's rather at home here.  

It is hard to believe that our 11 weeks of travel this summer are coming to a close.  The blog will turn back to a documentation of making special in our everyday life instead of a travel log... and I for one am looking forward to it.

Thanks for joining us on our travels.  

Au Revoir Paris!

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Lynn said...

Thank you for sharing your travels!! I am looking forward to you sharing about the next chapter - making special every day.