Thursday, August 27

Fabric Run

My friend Rachel and I took the metro up to the base of Le Sacre Cour where there are several streets full of fabric shops.  Coupon (or remnant) shops were the best find.  There were a couple of them and for 10 euros one could get three meters of cotton fabrics.  I definitely did some stash building.  It was slightly hit and miss as you took what they had, but I found some good deals.
And I came home with some beautiful fabric.  So much of the fabric reminded me of vintage sheets - thin and drapey!
In this stack there are several baby blankets, a picnic blanket, a knight tunic for Jonah, a baptismal gown for the baby, montessori mats for our little preschool...

Now I'm just counting down the hours till I'm back with my sewing machine and begin to create!

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