Thursday, July 16

Skellig Michael - the hike and the monestary

Skellig Michael was quite the hike.  There were over 600 stairs on the way up cut out of the rock.  These were built by the monks when the monastery was founded.  The monks who lived on Skellig Michael were inspired by the early desert fathers to live remotely and simply.
The stairs seemed to go on and on at times - especially as we got closer to the top.  But, eventually we all made it up.    Here we are at the top.
Jonah loved the bee hive shaped huts that the monks lived in.  There was a guide up at the top who told us about the different 'buildings'.  Jonah then went into the 'chapel' (which looked like all the other mound huts) and made jim and I sit facing the front.  He then stood up and said he was David (the name of our priest) and had us sing 'Jesus Loves Me'.

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