Tuesday, July 14

Skellig Michael - the adventure to get there

Skellig Michael was my favorite adventure of the whole trip.  We took and hour boat ride out to the small and remote island that was once a monastery.  Beside Skellig Michael is another island that is a bird sanctuary.  There are over 60,000 birds that live on the island - Amazing!

The adventure started on the boat.  We woke up to rain that morning, but by the time we arrived at the little village we would depart from it was clearing up in the sky...

...but not in the sea.  It never rained but one side of the boat was dashed with ocean water!  I was pretty dry, but Charlie, Jeff and Alex were thoroughly drenched.
It was better than any amusement park ride as we took on huge waves - rising up and crashing down unexpectedly.  The strangest sensation was when the baby would kick at the same time my stomach would flop as we crested a wave. 

We discovered that Jonah definitely doesn't get sea sick... in fact here is the proof that he can sleep through everything.
I kept trying to get a picture that would capture the drama of the ride, but this is the best I could do.

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