Friday, June 5

Day 3: Geveva - United Nations and Red Cross Museum

We took a string of three buses across Geneva to see the UN and the Red Cross museum.  Jonah was excited to be going to a museum.
The United Nations was impressive.  Jonah loved seeing all the flags in a line.
This chair is in front of the UN and is a statement about Land Mines.
This is the UN museum.  We didn't go inside, but it was fun to see it from across the street.

We went to the Red Cross Museum and really enjoyed it.  The museum is very artfully put together and very interactive for a two year old - which was great.  My favorite part was the beginning where they had huge screens with different manuscripts (Bible, Muhamad's writing...) that talk about the preservation of life being of high importance.

We walked past the Museum Ariana and this statue of Gandhi.

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