Saturday, June 20

Brenner - From Austria to Italy

We loved Austria and arrived at Brenner Station at the border of Italy in a clean and civilized train - that reflected Austria's general culture.

The station was so long, huge, deserted and English free. The station was surrounded by seemingly empty warehouses. German announcements would come over the speakers that reminded me of WWII movies I've seen. Overall it felt creepy - so huge and empty.

We found out on the train that why the train station is so huge is that it was the 'most important' stretch of train track during WWII. Musolini and Hitler would meet in Brenner as it was at the border. It was a huge supply line from Germany to Italy.

The trains into Italy were rather different than the Swiss and Austrian trains to which we had become accustomed. It was our first glimpse of the Italian love for graffiti.

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