Monday, April 6

Easter Eggs

I am inspired to try to make Easter a bigger deal at our house.  Christmas is such a huge holiday, as it should be, and Easter often seems trivial in comparison.  Unfortunately, with Jim's travels, random happenings, the week to week responsibilities... I'm far behind where I hoped to be on my Eastering.  

When Mom and Dad came to visit they brought me an Ukrainian Egg dying kit (which I asked for).  Laura and I used to make these when we were both still living at home and I always loved the process.  The candles, the wax, the vibrant dyes...

So here is my first Ukrainian egg of the year.  Hopefully there will be more to follow.
So, I found a knitting pattern for Easter Eggs here on the purlbee and had to try it.  We found a yarn store in Sterling when we were there a couple weeks ago and I found the perfect pastel self-striping 100% wool yarn, so I've been knitting Easter eggs in my spare time :o)  It is a very quick and satisfying project.

Here are a couple more eggs that are on needles and awaiting stuffing.  The yellow shape is an unfinished Easter Chick (this is Maren's - I have a feeling she'll be getting it well after Easter... chicks can be a spring thing - right?) from The Children's Year: Seasonal Crafts and Clothes by Stephanie Cooper, et al.

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