Friday, March 27

Holy Rude Cathedral - Stirling

Visiting Cathedrals is my favorite thing to do in Scotland - or perhaps anywhere.  I love walking with Jonah around the church in the midst of archways and stunning ceilings.   Sometimes Jonah will look up and say "Wow!",  and I say "yes, wow!"   We look at each window and we tell the story if we know it (windows of saints often stump me).  Jonah is getting quite good at finding crosses and stories he knows in the magnificent buildings.  He knew that the window below was Jesus eating with his disciples.   I think we have yet to find a cathedral that doesn't have a window, mosaic or tapestry of this scene.  

The bottom of this window is Jesus eating with Zaccheus.  I've never seen a window of this before.  Jonah was quite excited to sing "Zaccheus was a wee little man..."  Above this is Abraham eating with the three guests. 
This picture can't capture the glory of the colors cascading onto the floor as the sunlight poured through the stained glass, but it gives you the idea.

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