Thursday, February 5

Jonah's pets

There have been several pets in our house lately.  Jonah keeps waking up from dreams of pet fish and the other night he called me into his bedroom to introduce "Bonjo" the cat who is "greenish, yellowish, redish, brownish".  We put Bonjo to bed on one of Jonah's busy town books and pretended that another book was a blanket because Jonah didn't want Bonjo to be cold, but didn't want to give up one of his many blankets.  

Bonjo was planning on coming to dinner the other night when Jim's advisor came over for dinner, but he didn't make it.  "He decided to eat upstairs."  While I was fixing Dinner that day Jonah asked for a bowl of water for his fish and he fed the fish lots of wooden vegetables.  Needless to say Jonah needed a new outfit after feeding his fish - but it was a lot of fun.We'll keep you updated if there are any other new pets that come to stay.

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