Monday, January 12

Uncle Jeff

Today when Jonah woke up from his nap he asked "Is uncle Jeff here again?"  

Jonah loved having uncle Jeff around.  I'm not sure exactly what they were doing upstairs when they were playing, but I know I heard lots of thumps, bumps and giggles.  I think I heard something about tickling, wrestling and peek-a-boo.
We took a bus trip to the town of Anstruthers - which is known for having the best fish and chips in the world.  Unfortunately the best fish and chips place was closed for a week, but we found another one which was also yummy (though I had roasted chicken - fried foods make me feel sick)

This is Jonah waiting for Uncle Jeff to wake up in the morning.  He was always so excited when I told him he could go wake uncle Jeff.  
Jonah is reading "The Rattletrap Car" in this picture - a fabulous book!

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