Saturday, December 27

The day after... Dec. 27th

Well, after hosting Christmas Eve Dinner, going to a Christmas brunch and a Christmas Dinner, hosting a boxing day brunch and serving dinner and having a game night with friends on boxing day we were very ready for a chill day. And that is just what we did today... pretty much nothing.
Jim in his Christmas sweater reading Jonah's favorite new book "Stella to Earth". I love my boys reading!

So, the one thing I did do today was go to the store to get AAA batteries for Jonah's camera. The following pictures are from Jonah's new digital camera that Uncle John gave him... It is an indestructible camera and Jonah loves flipping through his pictures and telling mom and Dad to smile. These are the best of the pictures there are a lot of pictures of the ceiling, mom's chin or knees... it may take a while for him to get the looking and then pushing the button with out moving the camera down :o)
He won't smile for our camera like this! He likes to take our pictures and then wants us to take his picture.
Jonah and Daddy went for a walk to get some outdoor pictures today.

Jonah wanted to take a picture of Gammy and Uncle John when they were iChating today.

"Smile Daddy!!!!"

Jonah made me take several pictures of his new crane Jim's Grandparents gave him for Christmas to go with his plan city. He loved looking through his pictures on the camera and seeing the crane!

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