Sunday, December 7

The beginnings of Christmas

It had been fun so far to be coming up with Christmas decor from scratch.  Paper snowflakes, fresh greenery and candycanes have been the first additions to our main living space.  I did buy Jonah a little tree and put colored lights on it in his room.  He has played nonstop with his train track that circles the tree for the past few days.

We are hoping to get our Christmas tree next weekend - then it will really feel like Christmas.

Oh, the latest family news is that I was just appointed to a three-year stint on the Vestry at church (elder board of sorts).  I'm looking forward to it for several reasons.  I will be serving with Scottish members of the church which will be nice as mostly we know other American students and it will be a way for me to use my training and vision for family ministry in the church.

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finjen said...

Wow, Emily!! I'm sooo happy for you! I miss you guys lots. :( I'm glad to hear of good things for you. You know about Julio and Lisa's new baby girl, right? Blessings all around! :)