Saturday, November 15

pictures of home

The orchid Jim gave me for my birthday is in the upstairs hall window. I love to pause and look at it as I run up and down stairs with laundry, a diaper, or a stack of picture books. It is so peaceful - the flowers just seem to float.

Ahhh, for the first time in years I have time to sew, knit, play with clay, paint or do some other creative endeavor most days. I am thriving with so much freedom to be creative. I just read a great book called "The Creative Family". The author argues that being creative is a need that as persons we need to prioritize in our day. She also states that "creativity is born in gratitude". There are your good thoughts for the day!
Jonah and Jim are painting a picture after we finished painting the sheet to cut our
Eric Carl-ish leaves for our thanksgiving tree (picture of that to come)
Squash soup, homemade rolls/bread and gingerbread for dessert - the essence of a fall meal

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