Monday, September 8

50 things to do on Grandma and Granddad's farm (3)

1. Sing Baby Beluga with Grandma
2. Play memory
3. Do puzzles of states, trucks and tractors
4. Visit Maren, Elijah, Aunt Emily and Uncle Jeremy and see their new house
5. play piano with Elijah
6. Eat Aunt Emily's scrumptious lime mousse
7. Run around with a basket on your head and pretend to be a robot
8.  Feed Lightning McQueen pea balls.
9. Play with all the old playmobile that Mom dug out and cleaned
10. Have tea parties on the breezeway
11.  Play with Grandma while mommy writes a Sermon on the Mount Curriculum
12.  Look at fish at the aquarium with Elijah 
13. Go to the Pittsburgh Zoo and see the baby elephant
14.  Catch fireflies
15.  Chase a remote control fire truck
16.  Wear a new fireman raincoat and put out fires.

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