Sunday, August 10

50 things to do on Grandma and Granddad's farm (1)

29. Swing on the hammock
30. Build blocks with Grandma
31. Make toy parades with Grandma
32. Play lincoln logs with Grandma
33. See the hay bale shaped like a bookworm
34. Watch Kermit the frog music videos on YouTube with Granddad
35. Go on a hay ride
36. Go canoeing with Granddad and Grandma
37. Chose to throw rocks in the water for an hour instead of getting in the canoe
38. Pick corn
39. Pick tomatoes
40. Pick blackberries (and eat them)
41. Pick peaches (and eat them)
42. Pick blueberries (and eat them)
43. Play with tractors and trucks
44. Run in the Rain
45. Build radiator springs and watch "Cars"
46. Watch the Olympics
47. Wrestle Daddy in the grass
48. Say "Hi pups, how ya' doing?"
49. Spin around in the grass.
50. Ride on the tractor with Granddad

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