Monday, July 14

somewhere to call home

So, the school has offered us accommodation, and barring that it smells like smoke or some other random thing when our friends go to check it out, we will be here next year - at least from Sept to June.

It is a half hour walk from the city center, but we did a similar walk when we were there and it was quite doable.  We are right beside the big and less inexpensive grocery and are excited that it has a bit of a yard and a study as well as the two bedrooms.  

Address:        24 Crawford Gardens, St. Andrews, Fife KY16 8XG.

Property:       Self-contained semi detached property, comprising 2 double bedrooms, kitchen, sitting room, dining area, study area and bathroom with shower.
               Property is fully furnished and has gas central heating.
               Property has off street parking, garage and gardens to front and rear.

It is amazing how reassuring the above few lines are.  I didn't realize how concerned I was about where we will be until this came through and now it seems much more doable and I'm much more motivated to pack and get ready to move, knowing there is somewhere to call 'home' in St. Andrews.


D. Lee Grooms said...

So excited for y'all—this sounds like a great adventure!

John said...

Have you guys looked up your address in Google Earth yet? It looks like a really nice neighborhood! I thought, "Wow its just like Privet Drive in Harry Potter!"....but then I realized I will probably think everything in Scotland reminds me of Harry Potter just because it is in the UK