Monday, June 23

Just 2

If you ask Jonah how old he is he will reply "just 2." But 2 seems pretty good so far, he loved all the wonderful Birthday presents he received, especially all the books with brrm-brrms. He sleeps with all 7 of his Busy town books every night. He doesn't care if his tiger and Knuffle bunny are in bed every night - but he does need his busy town books. At 2 am the other night I heard "Mama! Mama!" I went to his room. "Mama busy town book drop." Yes, our two year old was sitting in bed at 2 am 'reading' his busy town books. He had gone through 5 of the 7 and apparently dropped the 6th one. I handed him the book and went back to bed. Who knows how long he read that night?

He went for his 2 year appointment at the doctor last week and is 30lb. and 35 inches, putting him somewhere between 50 and 75% for height and weight.

He is loving the word 'no' more each day, but he is a ham about it most of the time and not very defiant.

His loves are still books and anything with wheels - that much hasn't changed from one to two.

So, this is two so far.

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