Thursday, April 17

Big News

I'm not sure which of these is bigger news...

- Jim has been accepted at University of Michigan's MFA program. With all the aid they are offering, it seems we can hardly afford not to go. But, Jim is still debating between this and the PhD at St. Andrews in Theology and Art. The problem is that he wants to do both quite badly. Our most recent conversations are built more and more around seeing if he can combine the two programs/ do both. Most PhDs are 5 years - these are both 3 year programs - so it seems reasonable in some line of thinking that he would do both. It would put him at the top of his field educationally which could open up some really neat possibilities. We would appriciate your prayers as we discern where we should be next year and 5 years from now.

- Almost bigger news, (okay maybe not really, but in our day to day lives this is huge) Jonah has slept 4 of the past five nights - all night in his own bed! Hooray! I've been waking up at 6 fully rested; it's amazing!


alison said...

Congratulations to Jim! You guys have some amazing opportunities in front of you!

Coye said...

Way to go, Jim!

Yes, Michigan grad students are well funded across the board (it helps that they have a union in a union state).

If you're going to have problems (and most of us are going to), then having to decide between two great things are the kind to have.

And there are so many Watkinses on this blog. I remember when I only knew one... (nice side-bangs, Em).

Have fun with your decision. I'm serious.