Sunday, March 30

A trip to Scotland

We are headed to Scotland from April 28th till May 5th (Thank you Anderson Grandparents!!!!!!!). After much deliberation we are all going to scout out a possible future in the world of the Scotts. It is looking more probable that we will be headed to Scotland next year for Jim to begin a PhD in Theology. The trip will be primarily to meet Jim's advisor, talk with some solicitors about letting a flat or house (I'm voting for a cottage in the country side - we've seen a couple at great prices), talk with a few students and get a tour of the library and facilities at the college. It will be a fabulous trip and will be so helpful in figuring out what we (by this I really mean what Jim) wants to do next year and what it would look like for us as a family.

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Sarah said...

wow! well, what do you know... I am planning on being in the UK this summer and maybe into the fall! I will be going to Canterbury this summer for the Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops, and then I am hoping to work in an Anglican church, maybe around London? (but perhaps I need to go farther north to the "other Durham" and hang out with everyone's favorite bishop, NT Wright...) so maybe we will get a chance to see each other over there, if y'all do decide to move to my homeland!