Saturday, January 19

The Real News!

Jim just sent off the last pieces of applications... Hooray!

And even more exciting...

Jim was just asked for an interview for University of Michigan's MFA program in mid February! Making it even better they're paying for him to come out and stay for a couple days - and it's one of his top choices. This process is rather nerveracking as they accept so few applicants - so it is encouraging to be chosen for an interview.


David said...

Jim, Congratulations on your interview! Dad

Sarah said...

hey guys! I am so glad to find your blog again - my hard drive got wiped and I lost all my favorites. what fun pictures of Jonah! I will be sure to keep up now that I know where you are on the web!

congrats Jim! oh by the way, did I tell you that Jeremy Begbie came to lecture awhile back at Duke Div? and it was part of his interview to come and TEACH here... !!!!