Thursday, December 20

News Flash

Sorry it has been a while since I've updated the blog. December has been a busy month for many more reasons than just Christmas.

Jonah and I had a great week in PA with my family the first week of the month. It was splendid to see my extended family. Jonah hasn't stopped talking about N-dad and Maam-ma.

I just accepted a job working as a children's pastor for Wallingford Presbyterian Church (15 hours a week). It is a small church, but they are commited to Christian Education. I am excited to start my new job. I even have an office with a name plate. I feel quite official. I enjoy the pastor who I'll be working most closely with, she is very thoughtful and encouraging. Her husband and she split the job of pastor.

Jim has been very busy finishing up applications for MFA programs. It is a full time job unto itself. Join us in praying that where we should be next year will become clear over the next few months. Now that I have a job I'm so excited about it will be hard to leave, but we are open to whatever adventure God gives us next.

Jonah just turned 18 months old. He had his 18 month appointment this week and is doing fine.

Aside from the business of a new job and applications, we have, of course, been getting ready for Christmas. You will see this from the following posts.

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