Thursday, December 27

Christmas morning!

Jonah woke up at 7am Christmas morning. (So maybe I did turn on all the lights and blare Christmas music - I didn't say he woke up unassisted :o)
He came out to the tree and a slow smile spread across his face when he realized that Santa had come. The first thing he saw was a bike that his Wingard Grandparents gave him.
Jonah gives Daddy his present - Rookie Dad which came out of the Author's arts thesis project at Regent. Jim read much of the manuscript while we were expecting Jonah. Zondervan just published it in October.

Santa and the Watkins Grandparents gifted Jonah with a whole plan city (which is fully made of recycled materials and renewable rubberwood - it also is fair trade!) Now Jonah can connect his brio train set and his new road system into a whole city.

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