Tuesday, September 18

Busy or Bored

This stay at home mom thing has its ups and downs. Overall, I love it, but I do wish Jim didn't have to work so hard (or could at least work hard at something he loved - starbucks doesn't fit that qualification!) and that I had a little something more to put myself into.

I met with the family minister at University Presbyterian Church this morning. I was quizical going in as to what we would talk about as a friend had just passed us each other's names. Once I was there the flow of conversation was continuous- from our training, to our thoughts on family ministry, to bringing baby home classes, to books we could recomend to each other... She said she'd hire me if they had a spot - I wish. I left the meeting enthused and realizing that, yes, I think that I could make a career of being a family minister. It was great to hear her talk about children's ministry as something that goes alongside family ministry, but is a seperate entity. Like her, I feel called to minister to families and in making the church a family. This doesn't necessarily exclude children's ministry from my future, but puts it in perspective. I felt like crying toward the end of the talk - if only I could find a job in family ministry or as she put it 'if only someone could find me'.

But, alas, all the churches I might think to work for, say they would hire me if they could, and the churches I don't want to work for can't interview and don't corespond with me for months at a time anyway. The stay-at-home-mom's life for me!

After the meeting I dropped Jim off at starbucks and Jonah and I came home. He napped and I started verbally brainstorming on a talk about using books in a Christian home (Kay - the children's minister said they might be able to use me to teach a class or two on the subject if I get her an outline.) Since then we've been reading the Fruit book and Rattley bumpa over and over and over and over and over... Finally we read our own books on the couch - until I looked over to find him eating the Berttie Botts Every Flavor Vomit beans that were on the end stand! To distract him I just made a fort under the table with blankets, and gave him a snack and his castle blocks (which are new to him as I put them away due to small pieces a while ago, but now he dosn't hand to mouth as much). This is life.


Emily said...

The lifelong dilemma it seems. I know what you're talking about. So, how did Jonah like the vomit beans?

The Watkins said...

He had a pretty funny expresion on his face - half pleased because it was his first taste of candy and half "what is this flavor - I think it might be gross".

I didn't let him eat the whole thing.