Saturday, May 26

Pentecost Sticks

I really meant to get on this project earlier in the week so I could share it with time to spare, but it is really simple.  So if you have what you need, some pentecost sticks can come to be very quickly.  

To make a pentecost stick you need:
several long pieces of ribbon (I used mostly red with a bit of gold and orange to look like flame)
A short piece of ribbon (4-5 inches)
A stick (you can use a dowel rod, but I just used sticks I found in our garden)

To make the stick you just glue the long ribbon on the end of the stick and use the small piece to wrap around the glued ends so everything looks tidy.

I love that this combines the images of flame and wind and can't wait to surprise the boys with them tomorrow!


Storyteller said...

What a fun, inexpensive, beautiful, and joyful idea!

Elisa said...

Great idea!